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Promind Systems' XSL Maker:Complete Toolset for Building Web Pages from XML Data with XSL & CSS
Promind Systems' XSL Maker:Complete Toolset for Building Web Pages from XML Data with XSL & CSS

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It is becoming increasingly important to create Web pages based on XML data content. Until the introduction of XSL maker, the lack of professional tools has made this task excessively costly and time-consuming.

Challenges of Building Web Pages from XML Data in XSL Technology
Developing professional Web pages based on XML data using XSL has historically been a time-consuming and expensive task due to the following challenges:

  • Basic knowledge of XSL is insufficient for implementing fully-featured Web pages
  • Hand-coding in XSL is very time-consuming
  • Existing XSL code editor and mapper products are not sufficient for building professional-grade Web pages
  • No XSL tools support both XSL and CSS
  • In XSL it is very difficult to incorporate other Web languages such as JavaScript, Struts, VBScript, Php, ASP etc that are necessary to build fully-featured professional Web pages
  • These complexities are exponentially compounded when Web pages need to perform advanced operations such as: joining content from multiple XML sources; reading live XML/RSS feeds; and including other Web pages XSLmaker was developed to overcome these challenges to the widespread realization of the significant benefits of Web pages based on XML. XSLmaker is a development environment that integrates all of the components required to develop fully-featured Web pages using XSL.
Simplifying XSL Development
Efficiently building professional-grade Web pages requires a Canvas where XML content can be dragged-and-dropped, positioned, resized on a pixel level and styled directly. Moreover, XSL and CSS code needs to be automatically generated through each of these transformations. XSLmaker provides all of these features to ensure that XSL Web page development is as simple as possible.

XSLmaker: Easy and Intuitive
XSL maker is built to be easy and intuitive. Instead of requiring strict XML DTD definitions, sample XML is sufficient. Instead of having to write code, a simple drag-and-drop action on the Canvas generates the code. Instead of having to think about XSL template matches, a Wizard enables prototyping of different combinations visually until the right one is found - all without even needing to understand Template Match.

Realize the Full Benefit of XSL-built Web Pages
XSLmaker fully supports development of the advanced features that make Web pages built from XML data compelling:

Merge multiple XML sources
Xpath and an XSL variable Wizard provide an easy way to join different XML content based on any criteria. One of the many educational videos available at explains this highly popular technique step-by-step.


Include content from live RSS/XML feeds
Input XML definition allows references to live sources of XML/RSS data, making the inclusion of live feeds into Web pages easy. Even the run-time programmatic definition of XML feeds is permitted.

Include other Web pages and other Web languages
Other Web pages can be included point-and-click style, making it ideal for reusing pre-built menus, ads and content to create a consistent look and feel. Moreover, XSLmaker enables the incorporation of code written in other Web languages as either blocks of code or in attributes and even generation of such code at run-time.


Availability of rich CSS styling enables developers to achieve professional look and feel
CSS's rich styling capabilities can be realized quickly using our CSS Toolbox, Wizards for point-and-click styling.

XSLmaker can even be used just for learning XSL
As elements are put on the Canvas, XSL and CSS code is generated. When any element on the Canvas is selected, the XSL editor scrolls to and highlights the underlying element code - making it easy to learn by example. XSLmaker is also a complete code editor suitable for learning basics of the syntax.

The Only Total Solution for Professional-grade XSL Web Site Development
XSLmaker is the only tool to provide a total solution for the development of Web pages in XSL:

  • Combines the strength of XSL with CSS to enable professional Web development
  • Provides a Canvas with positioning, moving and resizing capabilities on a pixel level
  • Includes a graphical XML mapper and Xpath wizards that transform XML to XML - no need to purchase separate tools
It is our goal to provide a complete tool integrating all of the key functions for XSL development as well as the ongoing support and educational tools to bring new users rapidly up to speed.

Examples of Highly Complex Web Pages Done in XSL
Visit for examples of complex Web sites created with XSLmaker, including the Web page and a growing library of developer-suggested projects that can be immediately used.

About Promind Systems
ProMind Systems is a San Francisco based company founded in 1996.

XSLmaker represents the commercialization of technology developed by Promind Systems for DARPA. For more information visit

Click here for more information on XSLmaker

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