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Java Code Stack #9 JVM Shutdown Hooks
Java Code Stack #9 JVM Shutdown Hooks

The other day I was trying to terminate this unprecedented application server from my console window by using CTRL-C. The application did get the idea that I didn't want to see any more of it, but I guess it was trying to save the settings, flush streams, close database connection, update log files, write preferences, check data files - all when I was waiting patiently. It was in a dangled state and didn't respond even when I killed the PID. I never felt paranoid with JVM Shutdown hooks until that moment. Do not use Runtime.runFinalizersOnExit, for performing a cleanup operation during improper JVM shutdown, because this will result in finalizing of objects, which is being manipulated by different concurrent threads. This is unsafe and will lead to deadlock.

Here is the proper implementation of shutdown hook. We create a shutdown hook, which performs the last minute panic operation, and monitor the cleanup period using a hook timer. Whether our application performs cleanup or not, the hook timer forcibly shuts down the application by invoking Runtime.halt. This is because when the JVM is about to be shut down all the hooks are started randomly without any order.

public class Jcs9{

public static class panicHook extends Thread{
/** Note the empty constructor
* Do not start this thread with this.start()
* as the hook is already started

public void run(){

/** Add your clean-up operation here **/
System.out.println("Shutdown Hook started......");


public static class hookTimer extends Thread{
/** Do not start this thread with this.start()
* as the hook is already started

public void run(){

/** Monitor the Hook Period **/
}catch(Exception e){}

System.out.println("Hook Period exceeded....Forcing Shutdown!!");

/** Do not use Runtime.removeShutdownHook(Thread) here! as the
* shutdown process is already started.

/** Forcing all hooks to exit **/
/** System.exit(0) has no effect while the
* hooks are active! so dont even try.

public static void main(String ar[]){
Runtime rtime=Runtime.getRuntime();

/** Register the hook with the JVM **/
Thread phook=new panicHook();

/** Register the Timer with the JVM **/
Thread thook=new hookTimer();

System.out.println("Try interrupting me dude.....");


Improper implementation of shutdown-hook turns me off and I, in turn, turn off the JVM's interaction with the OS signals with the java -Xrs switch. So the application can't perform its cleanup during improper shutdown. Some revenge!

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Hey Tony Thanx for your suggestion. Will pass it on to the Web Admin.

i guess i forgot that when posted the browser will render my tags invisible.

better said ...
use html <pre> ... <pre\> tags before and after your code examples.

Your code has provided me with a start on how we can control our environment a little better when things get out of control. About your code looking strange ... how about embedding your java code in " ... your good code examples go here ... " tags so your code retains its spaces when posted on the site.
Always a learning experience while reading your articles :)

Thanks Brij, Sure the code looks strange....maybe the Web Admin can find out a way to retain the indent spaces to some extent.

This code is really excellent.
Although working for 2 years with java, I did'nt come across these methods.
Thanks for pointing that. Although the code looked strange at first look, but after reading the java doc of Runtime.addShutdownHook method it is clear.

Keep up the good work Frank
and thanks for all your code stacks.

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