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Rational XDE Professional v2002 Is First Product to Simplify and Accelerate Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET Development Neither
Rational XDE Professional v2002 Is First Product to Simplify and Accelerate Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET Development Neither

(Lexington, MA) -Rational Software announced Rational XDE Professional v2002, the first product to close the gap between design and development in industry-leading Java and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Until now, IDEs and design tools have been separate environments, and the requirement to switch between these environments has hindered developers.

Rational XDE Professional empowers developers to code and design directly in their IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer - without switching between different, loosely-integrated tools. Rational XDE Professional also includes the IBM Eclipse IDE, which provides a Java development environment to developers who are not committed to a particular Java IDE.

Rational XDE Professional is an eXtended Development Environment that blends the capabilities of IDEs from Microsoft and IBM with Rational's design and modeling technology, customizable design patterns, and template-based code generation. A close collaboration with IBM and Microsoft in developing Rational XDE Professional resulted in unprecedented support for the Java and Microsoft .NET platforms.

Gartner, a leading analyst firm, predicts that Java and .NET architectures will account for eighty percent of new application development projects by 2003. "Today, the bulk of independent software vendors, systems integrators, and in-house developers have consolidated their development efforts around Microsoft or Java platforms," said senior Gartner analyst, Mark Driver. "While Microsoft and Java technologies are becoming de facto choices for the vast majority of new e-business initiatives, Gartner believes that neither platform will dominate these markets through 2006. Instead, most large enterprises will continue to deploy Microsoft and Java technologies. Developers working on either platform will be faced with challenges and opportunities for which they will need new skills, best practices, and integrated development tools to capitalize on these technologies."

Rational XDE Professional complements the Rational Suite family of products. Developers of C# in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Java/J2EE in IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, or who are looking for a new Java IDE can all use Rational XDE Professional with Rational Suite. Developers using other Java IDEs or the current version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET can use Rational Rose and Rational Suite. Additional information is available at

Pricing and availability
The following prices will be in effect in the United States upon the shipment of Rational XDE Professional v2002 and are in US dollars per user license: $2,995 for Rational XDE Professional v2002: Java Platform Edition; $2,995 for Rational XDE Professional v2002: Microsoft .NET Edition; and $4,195 for Rational XDE Professional v2002 Plus. Rational XDE Professional Plus combines the features of Rational XDE Professional: Java Platform Edition and Rational XDE Professional: Microsoft. NET Edition. Rational XDE Professional v2002 will be made available at no charge to all users of Rational Rose Enterprise, Rational Suite Development Studio, and Rational Suite Enterprise with an active support contract, as this represents a significant upgrade to a user's license. Rational Rose models can be imported directly into Rational XDE Professional v2002. All editions of Rational XDE Professional v2002 will begin shipping immediately.

For a limited time, Rational will offer introductory pricing promotions for Rational XDE Professional. Contact a Rational sales office for details.

Prices for countries other than the United States will vary due to shipping and delivery costs, custom clearance costs, translations and other factors. Non-United States customers should consult their local sales office for the prices in their country of intended usage.

Correction: A typographical error appeared in the headline of the Rational XDE article in the 2/20/02 JDJ Industry News. The pricing information as stated above is corrected: only the Rational Evaluation CD is available for free; Rational XDE Professional v2002 itself is not free.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

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Oracle Expands Resources for Microsoft Developers with Launch of Windows Developer Center
(Redwood Shores, CA) - Further demonstrating its commitment to providing the developer community with the latest tools and technology, Oracle Corp. has launched the Windows Developer Center on Oracle Technology Network (OTN), Oracle's online developer community. The Windows Developer Center on OTN provides free development resources and services to developers and partners currently using Microsoft Windows technologies with Oracle software.

As a member of OTN, developers and partners can access the Windows Developer Center to download the latest Oracle9i software, XML and Web services software developer kits, and tap expertise for developing applications using both Oracle and Microsoft software. Additionally, the Windows Developer Center provides a central point for discussing how to get the best from a Windows environment running Oracle software, as well as education and resources about how to migrate to Oracle's open-standards software. (Continued...)



Winners to be Announced at the Web Services Edge 2002 West Conference & Expo, October 1-3, 2002 in San Jose, CA
Voting has now begun for the 2002 annual Java Developer's Journal (JDJ) Readers' Choice Awards. The JDJ Readers' Choice Awards program has become the most respected industry competition of its kind and is often referred to as the "Oscars of the software industry." The number of Java Developer's Journal readers who cast their votes in the 2001 awards doubled from the previous year to over 40,000. (Continued...)

Here's a partial list of companies who have links to the JDJ Awards:


Rational Software



Forte for Java

Do you have an industry link to the JDJ Awards? Send it to and we will highlight your link in our next issue...

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Latest Upgrade to UniSync 4.2 Enables Database Synchronization Between Java-enabled Mobile Devices and J2EE Enterprise Databases, Yielding Ten-Fold Increase in Performance
(Mountain View, CA) - PointBase, Inc., the leader in Java database and synchronization technology for managing enterprise data among servers, mobile, and pervasive computing devices, announced the introduction and general availability of PointBase UniSync for Micro and UniSync 4.2, the latest upgrade to the company's innovative database and synchronization software. The introduction of PointBase UniSync for Micro represents a major technology advancement supporting data synchronization between Java-enabled mobile devices supporting J2ME or J2SE and enterprise databases running on J2EE server platforms. This latest release extends the current UniSync capability that enables synchronization of data between enterprise databases and PointBase server databases running on more capable Java platforms such as J2EE/J2SE, increasing performance by almost 1,000%.

"The new generation of synchronization tools from PointBase simplifies a complex procedure into a set of APIs that allows simple and rapid software development," said Adrian Browne, vice president of technical development for Fieldworker Products Ltd., a leading developer of Java-based mobile computing solutions located in Toronto, Canada. "The bonus is that our synchronization benchmark test time was reduced from one and a half minutes to ten seconds." (Continued...)

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"Free Rational XDE Professional v2002 Is First Product to Simplify and Accelerate Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET Development
Neither Java nor .NET Will Dominate Through 2006, Says Gartner"

Incredibly unprofessional for Rational to "accidentally" say "free" in the press release blurb published by JDJ. Shame on
JDJ for allowing the propaganda to propagate. Miserable editing at best, outright fraud most likely...

I expect better from JDJ.


In my humble opinion, whether Java 2EE or Microsoft's .NET dominate, will depend upon how you define the word "dominate".

As long as Microsoft's NET remains basically a Windows only technology, I do not see Microsoft's DOT.NET becoming a major player in most Enterprise computing environments. True, those committed to MS only solutions will more than likely adopt Microsoft's NET vision, but I do not know of many Enterprises that are strictly MS only shops.

Java and Java 2EE, however, work currently very well across all of the major Enterprise systems, whether they are using Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM AS400, or OS390 systems or a combination of the same. Futuristically as important Java does, as well, cover the majority of the embedded device market, where integration with back end systems are crucial.

Therefore, I predict, that Microsoft's NET initiative will hold roughly what it does in the current scheme of Web Servers (according to NetCraft) today. According to Netcraft, Microsoft Servers currently account for 29-35% of those Web Servers in use, while the "others" account for 65-71% of those in use. If this percentile of Microsoft verses the "others" holds (and do not forget that Linux is gaining market share rapidly), then MS will become second and indeed will be trumped, as they now are by Java and Java 2EE.

Much will to determined as a Microsoft solution for Intranet and Internet based services upon how well Microsoft overcomes it terrible security protocols and problems in all of it's Web based applications and services. If they continue to fail miserably in this area, as they do now and have done in the past, many IS shops who have depended heavily upon Microsoft in the past, will be forced to look at other alternatives. Cost and TOC will also play a factor, which gives many of the Open Source solutions the upper hand.

If I were advising any IT department (and we do as a consulting business), I would not advise any company in the IT business to put all of their eggs in a one vendor, one OS, and one Hardware based solution. In this scenario (which I feel is sagaciously business savvy), NET is not an option at present, while Java is delivering today and which runs most Enterprise back ends securely and adequately today. The write once, run anywhere ideal of Java is much more attrative than the OS, hardware, and current vendor lock which Microsoft NET now holds.

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