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Attendance at the Golden Penguin Bowl and all the keynote addresses is open to all LinuxWorld attendees. The Golden Penguin Bowl will be hosted by Novell's Jeremy Allison.
Legions of U.S. consumer companies got fooled by the idea of 'two billion armpits' in China in the 70s and 80s, as they assumed the country's huge--but then impoverished--population would reap enormous new profits for them. China is a much wealthier country today. But are the investors...
Newly unsealed court documents apparently reveal that Google knew it would be in for a fight when it hired away a top search specialist from Redmond. Messing with Microsoft? This is an idea that has been tried by many over the years, with a low success rate.
'These two chefs will play an important role in managing the company's growing appetites,' said Sergey Brin, president, Technology, Google Inc. 'We welcome all culinary engineers to try out for our exceptional team.'
The AskJeeves sarch engine will replace its Premier Listings service with on in which advertisers will bid on keywords. The ads will appear on search results on the Ask Jeeves site, as well as on its syndication network.